Finding yourself in Miami this spring—not just in Miami, but in Miami and thirsty? Celebrate the lengthening days and the promise of the season by availing yourself of the top-tier mixology on tap here at La Cerveceria de Barrio in Miami Beach!

Cocktails at La Cerveceria de Barrio

Alongside a fantastic list of bottled and draft beers, mezcals and tequilas, and fine wines, we celebrate the adult end of the beverage spectrum here at La Cerveceria de Barrio with some delicious mixological masterpieces.

They include, of course, a scrumptious lineup of margaritas. Our On the Rocks margaritas include the Classic, the Skinny, the Watermelon, the Passion Fruit, the Lychee, the Jalapeno, and the Kiwi—to name only a selection. We also whip up some mean frozen margaritas with equally zesty flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Tamarindo, Guanabana, and our coconut-cream-imbued Cocorita.

A popular Mexican beverage, meanwhile, is the michelada, an example of a cerveza preparada: a beer-based mixed drink, basically. The michelada specifically combines cerveza with lime juice, salt, and often various sauces.

Here at La Cerveceria de Barrio, we prepare an array of delicious and refreshing beer cocktails, including our Michelada Tradicional combining your choice of Corona, XX Special Lager, or Tecate with lime juice and salt, and our Chavelita, mixing XX lager with either orange, lime, or apple soda. Other creations are more decked-out, including our Clamato Michelada incorporating everything from Worcestershire sauce to vodka.

Throw in some straight-shooting cocktails such as the Gin & Tonic, the Cuba Libre, and the Mojito, and you’re all set for a good time here at our Miami Beach Mexican cantina!

Don’t Forget Happy Hour

Our margaritas and beer cocktails (not to mention all of our other festive libations) are here for you whenever you need them, but value-wise you can’t beat our La Cerveceria de Barrio Happy Hour, which offers killer deals on margaritas and other cocktails as well as beer. Come join us between 3 and 7 PM to take advantage!

Enjoy a Springtime Cocktail in Miami Beach at La Cerveceria de Barrio

Whether for Happy Hour or as part of a lazy dinner of outstanding south-of-the-border cuisine, we hope you’ll come drink and dine with us here at La Cerveceria de Barrio this spring at either of our Miami Beach locations: Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive. We’ll give you some fantastic options for toasting good food and good company!