If you take a trip south of the border, you’ll see this restaurant all over the place. And now, La Cervecería de Barrio has its first U.S. location right here in the 305. It just opened to the public but Deco got the inside scoop at the VIP opening night party.

A crown jewel of Mexico has made its way north of the border.

Alex Martinez, chef: “La Cervecería de Barrio is a Mexican seafood concept. We do all original, authentic Mexican seafood.”

It’s a new addition to Lincoln Road — but anything but new to folks in Mexico.

Alex Martinez: “We have 30 La Cervecería de Barrios all around Mexico City. Our logo is everywhere. It’s like the “Golden Arches” of Mexico City. I was like, ‘Wow this is like the McDonald’s of Mexico City.’”

Now about this whole Mexican seafood deal.

Alex Martinez: “We made all the traditional Mexican dishes with a seafood twist. I don’t really think you’re gonna find them on any other menu around Miami.”

Stefania Ugarte, patron: “When I come here, I don’t see that many authentic Mexican restaurants, so this is very nice.”

Even though it was an opening night party with smaller portions of their popular dishes, the chef here whipped us up a couple regular-sized staples.

Alex Martinez: “One of our dishes we have is called Aqua Chiles. So these are raw shrimp that are marinated in lime juice.”

They also have tortas.

Alex Martinez: “Our torta is basically a Mexican sandwich. So we have different fillings.”

One of those fillings is octopus in squid ink.

Not everything here is fishy, though.

The fresh guacamole speaks for itself.

Brittany Suleski, patron: “It was really good. I know they make it homemade, make it right behind there, right in front of you. Kind of tableside guacamole.”

And did I hear someone say alcohol?


Well tell us about it anyway.

Alex Martinez: “We have a very large selection of tequilas and mezcals, over 250. We have 20 beers on top, and we have over 100 bottled beers.”

It sounds like Lincoln Road could have a new hotspot.

Alex Martinez: “This is the spot you’re gonna come to when you get off of work; come here and get a beer. This is a place to come and relax.”


La Cervecería de Barrio
836 Lincoln Rd Mall
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 535-7400

Source: Wcontest
Link: http://wcontest.com/2018/09/06/mexican-chain-la-cerveceria-de-barrio-hosts-opening-night-party-on-lincoln-road/