If you’ll be in town for the 2019 Miami Salsa Congress—and you really should be in town for it—join us for some appropriately Latin American cuisine here at La Cerveceria de Barrio, just a few twists and twirls from the dancefloor action here in Miami Beach. Whether you’re performing or simply attending, we invite you to our laden Mexican table here in Miami!

The 2019 Miami Salsa Congress

Considered among the top five salsa congresses in the world, the Miami Salsa Congress has for the better part of two decades been bringing some of the very finest dancers and musicians to South Florida for a celebration and showcase for one of the great dance forms in the world.

This year’s Miami Salsa Congress takes place July 24th through July 28th, the primary venue being the Eden Roc Hotel at 4525 Collins Avenue here in Miami Beach. There’ll also be events at nearby spots, including the official Kick-Off Bash at Ball & Chain, which will feature the Official Miami Salsa Congress DJ Team plus performances and a free salsa class by some of the festival’s attending artists.

Speaking of, the five-day festival will feature better than 500 dancers, musicians, DJs, and other performers. There’ll be some spectacular demonstrations of salsa, which across its vast geography comes in a wonderful variety of different styles—including a homegrown Miami version sure to be represented during the proceedings. Among the performers attending this year are Karen Flores, Adolfo Indacochea, Fernando Sosa, and the Rumbaya Dance Project, plus a host of Miami artists: from Uriel Garcia and Vera Rowe and Dimas Caraballo to Cali Salsa Miami and the UV Latin Ladies.

Besides the performances themselves, there’ll also be some 30 hours of salsa workshops for attendees to learn (or refine) some moves themselves, guided by expert dance instructors.

The Salsa Congress will also feature concerts by such world-renowned performers as Edwin Bonilla Y Su Son and Timbalive, plus plenty of pool parties and dance parties to keep the fun and excitement going throughout.

Enjoy a Mexican Meal in Miami Beach at La Cerveceria de Barrio for the 2019 Miami Salsa Congress

When you’re not watching some of the best of the best strut their salsa stuff on the dancefloor, learning some technique yourself, or grooving at a DJ dance party, come on down to Miami Beach and enjoy a spectacular Mexican meal here at La Cerveceria de Barrio. We’ve got the lively ambiance, the fabulous cuisine, and the note-perfect service to perfectly complement all the dynamic and vivacious rhythms going down at the Eden Roc Hotel. We’d also be happy to host you and your large party thanks to our perfect set up for group dining.

We hope to see you here at La Cerveceria de Barrio during the 2019 Miami Salsa Congress this month!